Here’s are most recent shows as heard on Nile Nickel’s Social Media Business Hour that is hosted on Life Improvement Radio. This show is for you if you’re in business or thinking about starting your own business or just trying to figure out how to better use social media. As an entrepreneur, small business owner or someone just wanting a bit more out of their life we know that the path we choose can sometimes be lonely and there are few others that understand our journey.

You can listen to our show live on Life Improvement Radio every Monday evening at 7 PM (EST). Likewise all of our show can also be found on iTunes The day after our live broadcast.

Life Improvement


We open the show with Weird News in our Different News and Different Views segment. “Different News, Different Views” is where we scan the World Wide Web to find recent and true stories that are so mind-blowingly bizarre, ridiculous and unbelievable that they will make you say, this can’t possibly be true. Sometimes we even tie a bit of business, social media advice to the story, but more often it’s exclusively for the pure entertainment value or self-amusement we find in the story.  Our hope is to share a laugh or two with you during this segment and remind you some of the best business is about engaging with your clients and one of the best ways to do this is with humor, or controversial subjects.

We then find some of the top experts in the world of business, social media, sales, motivation and marketing to share their insights with you.

We hope you enjoy!