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“I thought I had just killed my boys…”

Tim Maudlin shares his incredible story of what happened when a tornado ripped apart his hometown. Five personal friends died…and with the crucial decision he made during this terrifying emergency, he realized it was that decision that might’ve just killed his own children. Listen along as Tim, a loving father, shares his inspirational story about what happened when a tornado ripped through his town and the incredible thing he did to help rebuild it.

When I saw it, my heart sank. I thought I had just killed my boys. Friday March 2, 2012 is a day I’ll never forget. The day a tornado ripped apart my hometown. My boys didn’t die that day but five of our neighbors did. The next day, March 3, 2012 is also a day I’ll never forget. Because on that day I learned a lesson that changed my life. A lesson I want to share with you.

T-shirts That Inspire – How ONE T-Shirt help inspire and healed a broken community

The $89,000 T-shirt tells the story of the March 2, 2012 tornado that hit my hometown.
T-SHIRTS THAT INSPIRE: The $89,000 T-Shirt: (How ONE t-shirt inspired and healed a broken community)