Social Media Business Hour Show #62 With Jeff Herring

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Entrepreneur Magazine has said “When it come to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for today’s entrepreneur.”

So we are very fortunate to have Jeff Herring – The King of Content Marketing with us to show how to unleash and cash in on your content over and over again.

Jeff has been building his own businesses with Content Marketing since 1994. With his exclusive Content Marketing strategies, Jeff has fast become a Living Legend of Quality Traffic Generation.

Jeff has long been the “behind the scenes” guy creating Direct Response Content for many top internet marketers and business leaders,with clients such as Dan Kennedy, Alex Mandossian and others.

Jeff is going to show you a simple yet powerful system for creating prospect & profit pulling content in 20 minutes or less…

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Here’s what Chris Bloor of Australia said about Jeff after he was a guest on his recent telesummit:

“I can honestly say that in the 12 years I have been online, I have NEVER had anyone leave me wanting more and more of their content than Jeff did in the time he was sharing with me.

I love the feeling you get as you listen to someone and it hits you… “This is going to make a huge difference in my life! I won’t be the same after this…”


Complete Transcript From Jeff Herring's Interview +

Hey welcome back to the show this is Nile Nickel with Social Media Business Hour and as I told you in the intro, I’m very excited today to have Jeff Herring on the show with us. In addition to being a great guest who I’ve been trying to book onto the show for quite sometime, Jeff is also a personal friend. Jeff comes with quite a few credentials. Entrepreneur Magazine said about Jeff “When it comes to marketing strategies and content marketing, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for today’s entrepreneur.” Marketing strategies and content marketing obviously what we’ll be talking about today and we’re really fortunate to have Jeff Herring, labeled the “King of Content Marketing” with us today to show us how to unleash and cash in on your content over and over and over again.
Jeff has been building his own business with content marketing since 1994, do you think he’s been doing this just a few years? I think he’s got it down by now. And with his exclusive content marketing strategies, Jeff has fast become a living legend of quality traffic generation. As a matter of fact, we’re going to talk about that Jeff, just so you know, because I know some of the people you’ve been doing that for. Jeff has long been the behind the scenes guy, creating direct marketing content for many of the top Internet marketers and business leaders. You want to know a few of his clients? Dan Kennedy, Alex Mandosian and many others.
Jordan: In our circles, those are big names
Nile: They’re really big names and so I’m excited to have Jeff here. Jeff is going to show you really a simple, yet powerful system. I said show you, we’re on radio, you can’t really show you – Jeff is going to tell you…
Jeff: I’m going to paint a very visual picture.
Nile: We’ll work on that visual picture but I’m going to say Jeff is going to tell us about a simple yet powerful system for creating prospect and profiting, pulling content in just twenty minutes or less. By the way, I’m going to dangle something here. I think they call this a tease in radio. You know what that is? While we’re going to talk about it today, Jeff is going to give us the opportunity to see it. Before we’re off here today, Jeff is going to do that. Here’s what {0:02:41.0} said about Jeff after he was his guest on his recent telesummit: “I can honestly say that in twelve years that I’ve been online, I have never had anyone lead me with wanting more and more of their content. Jeff did in the time he shared with me. I love that feeling that you get as you listen to someone who hits you. This is going to make a huge difference in my life and I won’t be the same after this.”
So Jeff, you’ve got a lot to live up to, do you think you can handle that?
Jeff: I was just listening to that introduction and thinking wow I hope I can follow that. I am really glad to be here. Like you said, it’s taken us awhile to get our schedules together to pull this off so I’m just really looking forward to chatting with you and helping your listeners.
Nile: Great. Well listen, the question comes to everybody. I know you so I don’t think about this much and I’ve known you for quite awhile now. How did you get into this stuff?
Jeff: Well I wish I could say it was all intentional and part of a plan but that would just not be true. I’m the guy that never finished his Ph. D. in Marriage and Family Therapy back in the day at Florida State because my professors told me I couldn’t write, I believed them and I never finished. So here I am teaching content creation and content marketing all over the world. I was a marriage and family therapist in private practice for twenty-something years and in 1994 started writing a newspaper column for the local paper, which everybody thought was hilarious because they’ve got Ph.Ds and their practices are dying and I’m writing this column and mine’s bursting. But all I did was write about how I approach and solve problems. I found when people can access how you approach and solve problems on a regular basis, you no longer have to worry about clients. You certainly don’t have to pursue them, they pursue you. People told me for a lot of years “Jeff you should teach this online” and I thought well yeah, but there’s only so many newspapers, why teach my competition? So I stared a great niche in the face for eleven years until I finally launched in October 2005 and it just took off online and so I quickly went from doing the relationship stuff to really doing it online and having a relationship with people all over the world, helping experts unleash their content and cash in on their content. The bridge from marriage and family therapist to content marketing trainer or coach online was that small 650-word column that showed people how I approach problems and how I solve problems and that was the key, and that’s the key for everybody else, too. When you can show people how you approach and solve their problems, you’re going to have more traffic, more clients and more good things than you know what to do with.
Nile: Ok so one of the things that I’m really curious about now, and I know that there was one story that still just resonates with a number of people today and that’s sort of become infamous almost. That’s when you were writing that column, some things that happened with your family. We might call it a drive-time story.
Jeff: Ah, you’re talking about the other things that went on in Octoer 2005?
Nile: I don’t know exactly, it might have been, because this involved your son at the time.
Jeff: Oh that one, that one. I thought you were talking about another story.
Nile: See how many stories I know?
Jeff: Yeah, yeah I got you. See I’d been writing the column for about a year and I started writing it when John, my oldest son was born. I was thinking of a way to write about that first year of parenthood and I was looking for a hook and that hook came early one morning when John woke up crying, about a year old, he was teething, it was my turn to get him. So I got up and I’m picking him up, rocking him didn’t work, a warm bottle didn’t work and I remembered finding out a few weeks before that driving him around in the carseat would lull him to sleep. So I’m standing in the great room in my underwear and tshirt, no pants and I’m thinking alright nobody’s going to see us, it’s 4 in the morning, so we just went for the drive. Long story short, this drive didn’t work and I got pulled over speeding, trying to get John asleep. I’m pulling over and thinking please let this be a father or maybe a grandfather, at least a parent that knows what’s going on. Up walked 24-year-old Officer Bradshaw, no sense of humor whatsoever, first question was license and ID. Sorry sir, it’s around the corner, you can come follow me if you want to. Then out came the question I was dreading “Would you step out of the car please sir?” And so the officer steps forward and notices for the first time that there’s just a tshirt over these two pale skinny legs because I had on briefs. The guy says are you telling me you’re naked sir? I said no officer, I’ve got on underwear, I’ll be glad to show you. He still didn’t laugh and now I’m not making this up, I still have the tshirt that said “Tallahassee Minimum Integrity.” So long story short, he only wrote me up for not having proof of ID and the wisdom that he left me with when I drove away at about 4:30 am with a screaming, crying, drooling child was “next time sir, you may want to wear your pants.” Now, besides that being a fun story, that story turned into a column that went viral long before viral was a word, or a typical term online. And that column was repurposed into a signature speech with my keynote talk for the longest time, haven’t done it in awhile, and it was “Life Lessons Learned in My Underwear.” This whole content creation, content marketing thing you can do a lot of stuff with it, even without pants.
Nile: There you go. You might want the naked truth for that matter.
Jeff: I like that.
Jordan: Hey Jeff, this is Jordan, thanks again for joining us. I have a question for you. We understand that you’re the “Content King” , the “Undisputed Content King” but a lot of our listeners I think would value knowing exactly what you mean when you say “content”. We have some guests who join us and they talk about writing every day in their blog or posting all the time on Facebook, and that’s content. What’s the difference between that kind of stuff and what you teach? Because I think what you teach is far more valuable than just telling somebody that you want to write about what you know about and just write a blog.
Jeff: Is that Jordan asking me a question because I can’t hear him.
Nile: Yeah it was.
Jeff: I’m sure it was an excellent questions.
Nile: So the things of real life radio. What Jordan was asking real quick just to restate it in twenty words or less and then I’ll figure out why you can’t hear Jordan would be a lot of people who listen to us don’t know what content creation, content marketing is and maybe you could explain that real quick.
Jeff: Oh awesome ok. Content creation is simply one of the steps in content marketing in order to market your content you’ve got to create it first. It’s simply expertise you have in your head and unleashing it in a way that people can consume. That can be something as simple as a 140-character tweet, it can be an article, a blog post, a video, a radio show interview perhaps. We’re creating content right now. It’s whenever you create your expertise and get it out there in consumable form. The marketing of it is just letting people know about it. The cool thing that comes from content creation is you get visible online, you drive a lot of high-quality traffic. You’re able to build a really responsive list community and from that content you’re able to create information products and trainings for folks. So really the simplest statement about content marketing for me is it’s just about unleashing and cashing in on your content. Really it’s about taking your expertise and letting people know about it because one of the things I believe is that there’s more people out there waiting to hear your message that can only hear it from you that you can ever get to in our lifetime. It’s a great thing to get it out there and make a difference in people’s lives and profit while you’re doing it.
Nile: Super description. One of the things that I wanted to ask real quick was obviously the story that you talked about, and we’ve got an echo going on there, it might be from your monitor on Skype, one of the things that you talked about was a real-life event. This isn’t anything that they’ve got to work at or create, as a matter of fact they’re just telling a story. Does that become part of your formula?
Jeff: Absolutely, absolutely because here’s the bottom line – facts tell and stories sell. The nice thing about, at least in my life, I don’t have to make anything up these stories write themselves all you’ve got to do is add kids to life. But one of the things that I really believe in is paying attention to those stories and using them as the way in to get your content out. If you look at any great teacher throughout the centuries they told stories and think about the things we remember, think about the things we remember from growing up, we were read stories, we tell stories now and everybody has their story about how they got into what they did and the stories that happened to them and the stories that relate to what they do and whatever transformation you deliver in your business. All that to say, folks, facts tell and stories sell.
Nile: An old line in sales quite honestly. So Jeff can you tell us your formula real quick. How do you, and I say real quick I know it’s a long formula but how would somebody get started with this?
Jeff: Great question, great question. Here’s what I believe. Remember you’re talking to the guy that was told he couldn’t write and never finished his Ph.D. I probably couldn’t write academically if you held a gun to my head, but what I do is write conversationally. I write like people talk. I call it radio station WLYT – write like you talk – the quickest way to do this – there are two quick ways to get started. I’ll pull from two of my most popular templates – one is the “Three Mistakes Template.” Whatever niche you’re in, I’m sure you can think of three mistakes most people typically make when they’re trying to get started right? So part of what you do is write about those mistakes. You name those mistakes and you talk about what to do instead. Mistake number one – here’s what it looks like and here’s what to do instead. Mistake number two, mistake number three and pretty soon you’ve got a nice piece of content you can share in audio, video or text. Another way to do this, and I’m already hearing the chit chat going on people’s heads – yeah but I can’t write, I can’t do that, that’s for other people. Listen, if you can write a five-item grocery list or a five-item shopping list, a five-item to do list you can create a five-tips piece of content around your expertise that you can get out there in text, audio, video, infographics that’s going to bring you visibility, traffic and profit. Maybe you can’t write academically like I can’t and don’t want to, maybe you got bad grades in English or whatever and here’s what I want to say to you – one, your English teacher, he or she is not here and two if you’re as old as I am, he or she is probably dead so don’t worry about it. Write like you talk and people will love it. To answer your question, two ways to get started, come up with three mistakes around a topic in your niche and what to do instead and/or five tips you can give to somebody around a topic in your niche and that’s a start.
Nile: One of the things that I know from working with you, for a number of years now you have a step-by-step program. As a matter of fact, I don’t know if you still do this, we still have a bad echo going on by the way, I don’t know if you still do this or not but one of the things that I do know is that you have created, let me see if I can do something about that echo because it will drive me batty, so that means it will drive our listeners batty. There we go. One of the things that I know is that you have held seminars or teleseminars for that matter, telewebinars, whatever we’d like to say, where you help people actualy create content from start to finish on an online 45-minute seminar. Is that fair to say?
Jeff: Yeah absolutely. We could do a mini version of that now if you’d like.
Nile: I was actually thinking about that, I was thinking about including Jordan, making Jordan the guinea pig but we’ve got to see if you can hear Jordan first so let’s see if you can hear Jordan is that fair?
Jordan: Can you hear me? How about now?
Jeff: Yeah a little bit better.
Jordan: Alright a little bit better is better than nothing.
Jeff: That’s right
Nile: So Jeff let’s start the process. Jordan is the guinea pig, let’s show people, and I know we can do it fast, we won’t do the full thing but let’s give them six minutes is that fair?
Jeff: Yeah absolutely. So Jordan, pick a niche, something that you’re in to.
Jordan: How about sales pipelining, people who want to be Internet Marketers but don’t know how.
Jeff: I’m sorry, Nile, translate that for me I could barely hear him.
Nile: One of the things I might have to do is give him my microphone. He wants to know about sales pipelining for Internet Marketers who are just getting into it and want to know actually how to do that.
Jeff: Ok so that’s a perfect topic. For sales pipelines or sales funnels, what’s one of the biggest mistakes you see people make?
Jordan: One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is they see it as a singular event or a bunch of singular events instead of it being a process.
Jeff: Ok so write that down in one sentence: Mistake Number One - they see a sales funnel as a singular event, a one-time event.
Jordan: Ok got it.
Jeff: So instead of that, what do you recommend people do instead?
Jordan: I recommend that people actually create a flow, very much like a software project flow that I’ve done for years and years.
Jeff: What to do instead is create a flow. We’ve got mistake one which is seeing the sales process or the sales funnel as an event and what to do instead is to create a flow. Great. Good job. So what’s the second mistake?
Jordan: The second mistake I think people make is probably is they want to race right out there and tell everyone what they do and what their products are as opposed to what the market really is interested in.
Jeff: Love it. Ok, so what to do instead?
Jordan: What they should do is familiarize themselves with the market, reading blogs, reading forums figuring what I think John Carlton likes to use as their greatest desires and fears and frustrations and start to write from that.
Jeff: Awesome so mistake number two could be taking the “all about me” approach and then what to do instead is it’s all about the prospect. So what’s the third biggest mistake people make?
Jordan: I think the third biggest mistake is they get out there and they push a high-end product right off the bat and they sell what they think the market wants right off the bat instead of asking for that first date.
Jeff: Ok so the mistake is not asking what people want and trying to push something heavy.
Jordan: Yeah, yeah.
Jeff: Ok so what do you do instead?
Jordan: What you want to do instead is ask for a first date. You want to have them opt into either a free or low cost product so that they can get familiar with you a little bit so you can build that credibility.
Jeff: Beautiful. Now what I want Jordan, Nile and everybody to notice in way under six minutes, we came up with three mistakes and what to do instead. What this does at a very covert level is it showed to me and I’m sure it showed to the listeners that Jordan knows about the sales process, he knows about the sales funnel because he could think of three big mistakes. Not only three big mistakes that most people make but what to do instead and so really if you were to write an article or a blog post in this, we’re talking under 400 words. In a video, you take each mistake one at a time, we’re talking one, two, three minutes. What it’s communicating is here is an expert in this area and you don’t have to dub yourself as a great big expert in so and so and so and so, you just name the mistakes, name what to do instead and it really demonstrates your expertise. What a lot of people get frightened of is wow if I give three what to do insteads, aren’t I giving away the farm? Fair enough question but the answer is no. In something that small and short you can’t really give away the farm and if for some reason you could, it just means your farm is to small and we’ve got to make it bigger. When you do something I tell all my clients to do, and that’s go an inch wide and a mile deep into your niche, you have plenty of good stuff that you can give away because you know there’s so much more underneath that. And the message that gets delivered sometimes at an unconscious level is wow if this what I’m getting for free and this is so good, I cannot wait to see what I get when I invest some money into this. That one little piece, three mistakes and what to do instead for each is a very, very powerful piece of content. You can use it in text, audio, video, infographics and really position yourself as a go-to person in your niche. So how’s that for a small, few minute demo there Nile?
Nile: I think that’s actually perfect. I think we did that in all of about five minutes. So I have another question for you obviously. I know the answer here but that was what I call one template or one idea for how to create content, the three mistake approach. So I know that you have a whole bunch of other templates just to make it easy for people, as a matter of fact roughly how many templates do you have?
Jeff: Altogether right now there’s twenty one, growing and I’m working on another one. What they do is make this whole process so simple, so powerful and so easy. Because of the templates, I no longer believe in writer’s block and my students no longer believe in writer’s block because instead of staring at a blank screen and that dreaded blinking cursor or a blank piece of paper they’ve got an outline in which you simply download your expertise. We just did the three mistakes. Another real popular one is the “Benefit Without” template where you talk about how to get a desired benefit without the typical hassle that goes with it. Now the most popular example would be how to use ten pounds of ugly fat in one wee without dieting. So you lose the ten pounds without dieting. Without amputation that would be hard, but the model is the same. How to drive waves of highly-qualified traffic to your website without having to pay for traffic would be a great one. So name a benefit without hassle involved. The cool thing about the templates is I don’t just leave you hanging with here’s the outlines fill it in. You’ve got a “look over my shoulder” video with each one where you see me creating content right there on video. You met one of the guys who saw me do that for the first time live somewhere and he came up to me afterwards and said “Jeff watching you create content is like watching Spielberg edit a movie.” And wow I said things to my new best friend Chris, One “thank you I appreciate that” and two “Don’t go anywhere because I want that on video.” There’s examples that I’ve created examples from each of my top students. You’ve got the whole thing laid out in front of you to create as much content as you need very quickly. I call it twenty minutes or less. We just did the outline of one with Jordan in five minutes or less and now it’s just filling in some meet to it. You can get your message out to a world hungry for it.
Nile: One of the things that I wanted to ask is you’ve got twenty one other templates, obviously this lets somebody create content and not always sound the same every time, so they have a little variety, they’re a little bit bigger there. Could you maybe give us one or two titles? I’m not certainly asking for the full template, but just give us an idea.
Jeff: You want the title for different templates? Different ones?
Nile: Yeah
Jeff: Sure one that I really like is “The Perfect Cure for” and then you fill in the blank. The perfect cure for whatever. Give me one Nile, the perfect cure for what?
Nile: The Perfect Cure for Writer’s Block.
Jeff: Perfect, the perfect cure for writer’s block. The perfect cure for another dateless Saturday night. The perfect cure for picking the wrong person over and over again. The perfect cure for getting our dog’s to behave. Fill in the blanks for whatever your expertise is and show the perfect cure, keeping it simple and give it a really powerful tip. Boom. Great piece of content. Another one is the “Mythbusting” template. Something that can really set you apart as an expert, again without you having to scream I’m a great big expert is pick a typically and accepted and assume to be true myth in your niche and bust it. Tell why it’s not true. Besides, it’s fun and a little bit controversial and you’ll get some people – here’s the funny thing about this – you’ll start getting people not just disagreeing with you but disagreeing with you with passion and maybe some anger. What’s amazing though is even though these people are angry about what you said, they’re listening to you and learning from you and buying your information.
Nile: Absolutely and I appreciate that. Now we mentioned a little bit earlier some of the people that you’ve worked with and a lot of people listening may know of Dan Kennedy and some may not but obviously Dan Kennedy is a big name in the direct marketing world. How did you happen to start doing work with Dan Kennedy if you don’t mind me asking?
Jeff: Not at all. I was a part of that GKIC group for awhile and here’s the thing, when you do good stuff and you put good stuff out there, when you put good content out there you get noticed. Dan noticed and hired me to do some content marketing for one of the books he was launching. It was a real compliment because when you get hired to create content for the number one copywriter in the world it’s a cool thing. I still have that first check copied and framed in my office. Here’s the thing, when you go an inch wide and a mile deep into your niche, and you act boldly, doors are going to open for you that wouldn’t open for anybody else. I know one of your upcoming guests is Alex Mendozian and I’ve done the same for him. And then he said something outlandish at a recent event we were both at that the time of content creation has passed. You were sitting behind me when he said it. I just kind of grinned when he said it and thought “That dog will hunt. I can market the heck out of that comment.” Because he’s talking about content curation, which is using other people’s content and my first thought when he said that “well wait a minute, if you’re going to curate content, somebody’s got to create it right?” While he was saying the time of content creation has passed guess what he was doing?
Nile: He was creating content.
Jeff: You got it buddy. He was creating content. So I was like what are you talking about? But I’ve heard for all the years that I’ve been in this that content is dead. Audio came along online and content is dead. Well you know what? You’re listening to audio content right now. Video came along. Well content is dead. Well you know imagine a blank screen webinar or blank video. It’s content. Then oh my goodness social media came along. Content is really dead. Unless you’ve got tens of thousands of people who are pathologically interested in what you’ve had for lunch, you still need content on social media even if it’s just a 140-character tweet. It’s not possible for content creation to pass because everything is content based. Folks the reason I get so passionate about this is get good at this. And I’m not even talking about mastering this or being great at this, just get good at it. If it was racquetball, be a c-level player like I am and good things are going to come to you. You’re going to get visible online. You’re going to bring in traffic. You’re going to get customers who are big names in your niche wanting you to do things for them. You’re going to be able to build a community and be able to create information products that are going to make a difference in the world.
Nile: So quick question for you, you get new students in each and every week so a new student gets started, how long would you generally say it takes them to create their content let’s say on a weekly basis, let’s say if they’re doing one item and beyond that if they get going a month down the road and they’ve really gotten more comfortable with the process what does that drop to so they can create content in x period of minutes and in a month from now it will be reduced to this.
Jeff: If you started creating content once a week, and that’s a great schedule to be on, follow the things we’re talking about in this interview and the things you get with the templates and it may take you an hour or so to create your first piece of content. Get going with it and I promise you twenty minutes or less to create a piece of content and then it’s what you do with that the rest of that week. You can use it, repurpose it as a video, as a blog post as social media updates, you can do teleseminars about it, training. Think about how you can get it into your local newspaper if you’re doing a local-based niche. What happens is, you start doing that on a regular basis and a couple of things are going to quickly happen and by quickly I mean within weeks. You’re going to get recognized as an expert in your niche, you’re going to get people approaching you, wanting to do business with you. Most people out there are pursuing clients, trying to get people to work with them. When you do this one simple thing and that’s show people how you approach problems and how you solve their problems, you’re going to get people pursuing you which is a really cool thing. It happens rather quickly and the next stage after that that I work with my clients on and I do this with every one of my high-level clients the first thing we look at is how to go from being a commodity to being a category 1. A commodity competes on price and you can do that for awhile and win, but it’s not a long-term sustainable business plan. When you become a category one, the only person that delivers what you deliver in the way you deliver it for a lot of people, price is no longer an object. For example, when I was a family and marriage therapist in private practice in Tallahassee, which is a town teeming in mental health because of all the universities there and people don’t want to stay, because I had content in the paper and then I’d repurpose it on a radio show, repurpose it on a monthly tv show, every other therapist in town and folks if you don’t get anything else out of this interview get this – every other therapist in this town, when they got a prospect, a scheduled client calling up – they were asked two questions: How much do you charge and will my insurance cover it? Now that’s a reasonable question until you kind of look under the surface of it because what they’re really asking you is: how little can I pay you and can I get someone else to do it? Not something you want to hear from a brand new prospect. Because there was content to be consumed on a regular basis to see how I approached and solved their problems, the question I got was: Jeff how soon can we get in to see you? And that one shift in pursuit is the huge, huge benefit that you get doing this.
Nile: And that’s just excellent. I mean you can’t ask for a better situation than that. If somebody was to engage in the content creation product process, how would they go about finding that? And we’re going to put a link up on Social Media Business Hour to make it easy for people to find but can you describe that product and quite honestly I don’t even know the price point on that product it’s been so long since I purchased that product.
Jeff: Yeah it has, it has been a long time and we continue to update it as we go. You can find this at The benefit is in the name – – you’ll get 21 profitable content creation templates complete with “look over my shoulder” videos for each one showing you how to do it, formulas, instructions, examples a whole bonus of how to repurpose your content and you can get it for three monthly payments of $77. Of if you want to save $30 or $40, you can get if for one payment of $197 and I’m telling you the best thing about it is how quickly you regain that investment when you get your message out there and start making a difference in the lives of others and show people who you approach problems, how you solve problems just get yourself ready for what’s coming because you’re no longer going to have pursue clients they’re going to pursue you.
Nile: Hey we’re getting close, we’ve got four or five minutes yet, but we’re getting close to the end of the show and one of the things that we do on the show in fact it’s what we ask our listeners is, we believe that just a small change, just one small change every week in your business, can make a huge difference a big difference. And so what I’d like to ask you is if you were to say hey here’s one small change that you could make to your business this week, just a small change that could have a huge impact, what would that be Jeff?
Jeff: Oh wow that is a fantastic question and because I create content on a regular basis, it’s not a matter of having to come up with an answer to that, it’s deciding which one to give. Here’s what I would do, whether it’s on your smart phone, a piece of paper, a notepad, as you go throughout your day and you come up with ideas for content based on what we’ve talked about now, or you hear something a client asks or says or you get a frequently asked question, write that down and keep an ongoing list of content ideas. Keep that list going and you’re going to have no problem coming up with ideas to create content to put out there to get people to pursue you to want to do business with you.
Nile: Excellent the thing that I’d like to reiterate is this doesn’t have to be hard. It can be very, very easy but what you really want to do is you want to get in and you just want to jump off that diving board and enjoy the sweet, cool, refreshing water. Jump in there and get going and you’re going to find out literally in just a few minutes a week you can have a dramatic impact on your business, whether that business is a pizza parlor or whether it’s an Internet marketing company. As a matter of fact, Jeff, I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, I didn’t even watch the whole thing, but I watched maybe half of it, the Interns, the Google interns with Vince Vaughn and what’s the other guy’s name Jordan do you remember? I can’t remember it – the Wedding Crashers guy – they’ve been in both of them. But anyway, I don’t know if you saw that movie, but they went into a pizza restaurant and they were trying to sell the pizza on using Google services and it was a brilliant thing because it was about telling the story. Just your thoughts on that.
Jeff: I only caught part of that so I’m not sure what you’re asking me.
Nile: That’s ok – go watch The Interns and I guess what I was trying to get to is it doesn’t matter the business you’re in, you can use and apply this stuff to your business.
Jeff: Absolutely. It’s really true. I have a piano teacher down in Florida that’s a student and not only did she dominate the local niche in terms of lessons, she took it international with creating piano lessons, piano tips. The other piano teachers in her city hate me and her because of what came from that. You mentioned the pizza parlor. Why not have a mini poster in your pizza place that says “the three biggest mistakes that most people make when choosing the toppings for the pizza.” Why not send that out with every box, why not have people on an email mailing list and send that article to them. That’s what sets you apart from everybody else and all the other commodities that are creating pizza and makes you a category one and demonstrates the care you have for your customers. I have been doing this full time this way online going on eight years and I have yet to find the niche that this won’t dramatically improve in business and I don’t think I ever will find a niche where that doesn’t apply, it applies everywhere when you go and use the stuff.
Nile: Well Jeff I absolutely, positively and sincerely thank you for being here today and sharing with our listeners. I know we always have fun. There’s a lot of products we’ve done together, we didn’t even talk about any of those today. But what I’d really like people to see to get and go out and buy is how to create content and get Jeff’s content creation product. Jeff just a few last words and other than that we’ll be out of here.
Jeff: I truly and honestly and absolutely am honored by being asked to do this and would love to do it again sometime. The thing I want to say to everybody is just get started. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Your version one is better than version none. Write that down. Version one is better than version none. Just get started, tweak it as you go, you’ll be thrilled by the results and keep listening to Nile Nickel he knows his stuff.
Nile: Thank you Jeff I appreciate that.