125 – Learn What It Takes To Use Twitter’s Periscope App with Natalie Cutler-Welsh

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Natalie Cutler-Welsh is an Author, Blogger, Podcaster and Mother of three.  She is known as the ‘Go to Girl’ for women entrepreneurs who want to connect and get the word out about their business.
Born and raised in Canada and now living in stunning New Zealand, Natalie is all about embracing change and making dreams a reality.  She does this through connecting and coaching women in business in online communities and high level Mastermind groups.
She’s all about making Social Media & Networking easy, fun & fabulous.

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Periscope is the new must-have app. It lets you broadcast live video to the world and allows you to explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

The great thing about Periscope is, when you go live, your viewers instantly get to see you and hear exactly what you have to say.  They can even engage with you by adding real-time comments and send you “Hearts” – Periscope’s rating system. The more hearts you get, the higher your Periscope Broadcast is rated.


Tip#6:  Your Viewers Can Always Get A Replay.

Natalie encourages you to not worry about the number of your viewers during your Periscope broadcast. If you only have 5 or 50 viewers in the beginning and then suddenly your viewer numbers drop down to 27 or lower, that’s fine.

Always remember, people come and go.

As a Periscope host, Natalie has had to realize that her viewers might be walking their kids to school or maybe even doing some shopping – whatever is going on in their lives.

Sometimes they just lose their internet connection. Worrying too much about the number of viewers will not help you create an awesome Periscope session.

Natalie also mentions, that you should primarily care about giving value to each and every viewer that you have.  Be there for them, be yourself.  Don’t be disheartened if something unexpected happens,  your viewers have the Periscope “Replay” function available.

Tip# 6.1: When you go live with Periscope, you need to hold your phone vertically and not horizontally.

Tip# 6.2: When people start coming in, greet them enthusiastically!

Tip #6.3: Periscope will make your scope available for 24 hours via Twitter. Twitter will automatically tweet out a link for your Scope allowing you and your viewers to repost it all over social media. You can also upload your scope to YouTube.


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Tip #5: Have A Call To Action – But Don’t Be Pushy

Natalie says, “When you’re using Periscope, don’t be super salesy“.  Don’t be the type of person who makes their pitch straight away, constantly selling your products/services. The call to action can be as simple as inviting your viewers to follow you on Twitter or make another “No obligation, No Pressure” type of offer.

Tip# 5.1 – You have to realize that when you’re using periscope, it’s a matter of giving your viewers value as well as instructions to where to go and get your materials or the items that you’re selling.

Tip# 5.2 – Don’t physically type URL’s. What most people do, is hold out a piece of paper with their websites pre-written on it and present it to the camera. As the person hosting a Periscope broadcast, physically typing anything is simply not possible.

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Tip #4: Do Not Engage With Comments Too Much

When Natalie started her first periscope, she was actually shaking. She had been a podcaster for three years and is comfortable recording video. But Periscope is not the same as recording a podcast, hosting a webinar or creating a video. It’s an entirely different thing altogether.

Tip 4.1 – When you want to host your own periscope, make sure of the following;

  • Download the app
  • Watch at least 3-5 periscopes, this will give you the feel for what it is all about

It is easy to get distracted while using Periscope, especially with the thought that viewers are commenting in other scopes and not yours. Getting distracted by engaging in comments or totally ignoring them all together is not a good strategy.  Find a good balance.  Engage with your viewers but not too much.

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Tip #3: Don’t Come Across As Too Polished Or “Salesy”.

Periscope is real and raw, that is why people love it. It’s a genuine form of you extending yourself to your viewers.

“One of the most common mistakes that people make is to try to be that “perfect poster” type of person and even try to behave that way. This is not a website. You don’t want to be seen as the vanilla, website spokesperson. Everyone wants to see the person behind your business” – Natalie

Tip #2: Have An Enticing Topic

Twitter will send the topic of your broadcast to your followers so it’s really important to have something that sounds enticing and engaging.  Ideally, target your ideal audience on your Periscope broadcast and tell people, “What I’ll do is “this” or “this is a tip I got from an industry leader…”.

“Any time I have an idea, random or not, I write it down because I’m not going to remember them all.”

Tip 2.1 – Periscope drops the call sometimes and you have to start all over. Taking notes (maybe in your phone) will help you if this type of situation occurs. When a connection drops, all you have to do is copy and paste your enticing topic back into Periscope.

Tip 2.2 – Periscope will automatically capture first, whatever you have in front of your phone. Natalie’s suggestion: Create an image that basically says the title of your scope and have it as the primary display, so when it’s saved your viewers can replay it, they see the image you created.  It will be will be the very first thing that your audience will see. Otherwise, just make your primary screen look professional.

Tip 2.3 – Be aware of what’s going to come first and give be aware of the impression it’s going to make.

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Tip #1: Be Prepared

Periscope gives Natalie’s business so much potential to showcase her expertise and share her wonderful knowledge with all of her viewers

Natalie’s Proven Advice;

  • Go for it but be prepared – If you have plans to host a content driven scope, make sure to write down the main points you want to highlight so that you can always go back to your notes when you feel like you’re off the topic.
  • In terms of backdrop, lighting and sounds: Just make sure that you’re not pointing straight to the wind, your headphones must have a microphone when using them and if you’re planning not to use a desktop, make sure it has a microphone.
  • Do a little recap and summary every once in a while. Maybe when you’re halfway through your periscope. This will benefit those viewers who came in late and those who come in and out of your scope.
  • Research first before scoping.
  • Spend quality time thinking of your headline, title and contents of your topic.
  • Have fun!
Click Here To Read The Full Transcript Of The Show +
Natalie:                       Okay. Wait, sorry. For my little bit. Did you hear that little bom bom just then?

Jordan:                        No.

Natalie:                       Maybe it's from my end. Okay, great. As long as you're not hearing it. I'm not sure what it is and how to turn it off. Okay, awesome. So, what do you want me to say at the start? Basically my topic? Is that right? Hi, I'm Natalie Cutler-Welsh. Do I say from go to girl or do I say on social --

Nile:                            Hey, it's yours but you're on social media business hour with Nile and Jordan. Other than that what you say --

Natalie:                       But you want me to say that?

Nile:                            Yeah.

Natalie:                       Okay, yeah.

Nile:                            And then you're just going to tease them with whatever they're going to learn by listening to us in all the lunacy for the next bit.

Natalie:                       Okay, awesome.

Nile:                            And any time you're ready. We're rolling. After you're finished I'll be just quiet for about five seconds and then I'll come in.

Natalie:                       Okay. So, I'll just start when I'm ready, yeah?

Nile:                            Yeah, whenever you're ready.

Natalie:                       Okay, awesome. Hey everybody. This is Natalie Cutler-Welsh, the go to girl for social media networking. I am so excited to be on the social media business hour with Nile and Jordan. I'm going to be sharing my six mistakes you don't want to make on Periscope.

Nile:                            Hey, welcome back. Man, we've had a fun filled show already.

Jordan:                        I know. I'm exhausted already.

Nile:                            And now we've got Natalie with us. The go to girl.

Jordan:                        Yeah.

Nile:                            I like that tag line.

Jordan:                        Now, you've met Natalie.

Nile:                            Hey, on a deck of an aircraft carrier.

Jordan:                        All right. Well, I'm just going to let that one go.

Nile:                            Natalie, there was no comment from you there? I can't believe that.

Natalie:                       I'm here. I'm just enjoying your guys' banter back and forth. Yeah, on the deck of an aircraft carrier. That's right. It's funny. They told us not to wear heels. This is at social media marketing world. I'm kind of short. When people meet me in person they're like wow. You're so much smaller than I thought because I'm -- they know me from my podcasts. I'm pretty loud and outgoing and then they meet me and they're like you're so small and I was so sad that I actually was wearing flats that night because they said not to wear heels on the aircraft carrier.

Nile:                            You came across big to me so you were not tiny.

Natalie:                       That's good.

Nile:                            You were awesome so -- and hey, taking over the deck of an aircraft carrier, that's saying something.

Natalie:                       It was a good night. It was fun.

Nile:                            I guess we were actually on the bellow deck. Whatever they call that. The maintenance deck or whatever because that's where the food and drink was so you know where I was.

Jordan:                        Yeah, the official naval term the bellow deck.

Nile:                            The bellow deck.

Jordan:                        Got it. All right. We'll ask some sailors what the official term for the bellow deck is.

Nile:                            You didn't like it? Hey, haven’t you heard that on TV? Let's go below deck.

Jordan:                        I guess so.

Nile:                            Maybe that's on yachting shows and -- well, we won’t go there. Well, just so everybody knows Natalie as well as I do, Natalie Cutler-Welsh is an author, blogger, podcaster and mother of three. Now, those three are not the books, the blogs and the podcasts. You've actually got three little ones as well.

Natalie:                       I do. They're getting bigger by the minute so I've got a four year old, six year old and an eight year old.

Nile:                            I remember -- if I remember correctly you had a pretty incredible trip from New Zealand to San Diego to get to the social media marketing world.

Natalie:                       I think that's right. I think I remember you. You did a little video -- a little audio clip because -- so, you have to -- so, you probably notice my accent is Canadian. My parents are Kiwis, that means they're New Zealanders and I was actually born in Canada but I actually am living in New Zealand at the moment. I've been here about 17 years but so for the first time in 14 years I was flying back to North America. I wasn’t going to Canada but I was going to social media marketing world. So excited. And actually on the way over I don't know if it's just the fact that finally I didn't have three other people to look after 24/7. I was so relaxed that I actually like fell asleep in the LA airport in the waiting area right there waiting for my plane. I was right there. And no one woke me up. I was traveling by myself and I missed my flight.

Nile:                            I thought that was pretty interesting.

Natalie:                       It's like I haven’t had a nap in about a year and where do I choose? LA airport when I'm totally by myself and I'm -- I only had 40 minutes to wait for my plane and it left without me.

Nile:                            And yes. They don't wake you up but in your case it was just getting away from the kids, having the peace and silence of the middle of the LAX airport and --

Natalie:                       The crazy thing is I was listening to a podcast as well so I probably would've heard, they were probably going Natalie Cutler-Welsh, this is the last call. But I had my ear buds in and I couldn’t hear.

Nile:                            Either that or if they would've put for alcohol on the -- no, no. that's -- that was too good to pass up. Anyway, you are known as the go to girl for women entrepreneurs who want to connect and get the word out about their business.

Natalie:                       Yeah.

Nile:                            You talked about being born and raised in Canada. However now living in New Zealand and Jordan I don't know what it is lately. We've had -- Natalie I think you are the fourth or fifth guest that we've had in the last couple of months that's either from or living in New Zealand.

Jordan:                        Or moving to New Zealand.

Nile:                            Or moving to. Yeah. We had one just moving to.

Natalie:                       Wow. That's crazy. I probably know them all.

Nile:                            Yeah, they just -- yeah, right around the corner. It's not quite that small but Natalie is about embracing change, making dreams a reality and she does this through connecting and coaching women in business in online communities and high level mastermind groups. Not in the LAX airport but --

Natalie:                       No.

Nile:                            She's all about making social media and networking easy, fun and fabulous and we are so excited to have you here with us today. And we're talking about one of the new late topics of Periscope.

Natalie:                       Periscope is so, so hot right now. It's really funny because it actually came out in March exactly when you and I were at social media marketing world. I think Meerkat had launched only a few weeks prior and for those people that haven’t heard of Periscope it's a live stream video app so it allows you -- basically anyone around the world to become like a news reporter, a broadcaster. They could literally with a tap on your phone you can report whatever it is showing your face or maybe commentating and showing a certain scene and share that with people all around the world. So, it's got so much potential. There's a few challenges with it and I thought for those business owners that are keen to learn how they can use it for their business I thought I'd tell them some mistakes that they don't want to make before going live.

Nile:                            Well, you had an interesting story if I remember correctly on how you got into what you're into and what you're doing and all of that. Can we go back to basically how you got your start?

Natalie:                       Yeah, sure. So, I started off actually writing a book about parenting so I kind of have this long time goal really of just helping people. A lot of people have that goal wanting to make a real impact, a huge difference on the world and my background actually is international development so I wanted to help people in other nations and I kind of went down that path a little bit. I mean, I did my degree, my honors degree in that. I went to Guiana, I actually ended up getting malaria while I was there. I was 19 at the time. But I really found that I didn't have the skills to help in that way. Like I wasn’t a doctor, I wasn’t like a builder, I wasn’t into farming and I just found I don't know how to help in that way. I actually ended up then moving my focus when I moved to New Zealand to kind of rediscover my roots to helping students I guess really in the outdoors and using the outdoors as a medium to help them see that they can do and be more than they ever thought possible and that's really still my focus is to help people and now it's women entrepreneurs to do and be more than they ever thought possible so it's kind of the same goal but it's just a kind of different way of going about it so I'm not really taking women entrepreneurs out into the kayaking and rock climbing the way I used to do with the students. Now it's really a focus on helping them to kind of reflect on their grand goal, their vision and how they can make that happen. I love to shine the light on their business.

Nile:                            Well, and you do an excellent job of it I know. One of the things that impresses me is the following you have. You've got a fairly large following.

Natalie:                       Well, it's getting there. I mean, I -- one of the tips I actually give a lot of my clients these days is to set up a targeted Facebook ad that really works. Do your split testing. And just put five dollars a day in. I mean, one of my clients right now, she's been doing that for six months. She's got 10000 followers. I mean, that's way more than I've got at the moment because I haven’t been following my own advice. I haven’t been having a consistent ad. I kind of do -- if I'm doing a launch or a webinar I'll do a certain ad but I don't have a constant one running so that's actually one of my tips for new people. If they want to get an audience and particularly now on Facebook it's so hard to get your stuff seen. If you want even your existing likers to see your stuff set up a targeted ad to them or of course upload your database, create a custom audience and target the people that already know they can trust you. It's just that they're just not seeing your posts.

Nile:                            Well, and it's fascinating when you do that too. Jordan and I have went back and forth a number of times related to Facebook ads and one of the things that I've said is even if the ad is there and it's not producing we're getting exposure and that sometimes helps because then all of a sudden you flip the switch with something that starts converting and they've already seen you a thousand times.

Natalie:                       Definitely.

Nile:                            So, now we're going to talk about Periscope though and let's talk about the platform that you need to be on for Periscope first because I know a lot of people get confused about that. We're in the process of -- and I was hoping to do it with your episode tonight. It won’t happen but we are going to be Periscoping our interviews live and we need both sides of that and so we've had a little bit of difficultly although we've got it solved now. Getting Skype into the Periscope conversation. We're on headphones and that means that there's no speaker in here and let's talk about that Skype platform. What do we use as the platform for Skype?

Natalie:                       For Periscope?

Nile:                            I'm sorry. For Periscope. Forgive me.

Natalie:                       Well, okay. So, first of all people might not realize that Periscope actually was purchased by Twitter I think really in the early stages so Twitter and Periscope are linked and the beautiful thing about that is if you're on Twitter already then any time you go live and do a Periscope it automatically gets tweeted out to your following that you're -- it says live on Periscope and then it puts in whatever topic you put in to Periscope before you click start broadcast. So, that's really great that already -- so, if you've got a following on Twitter straight away your Twitter followers are going to see that you're on Periscope and hopefully they will also follow you on that platform as well. So, I mean, Periscope itself is a free app. You can just search it in the app store. Download it to your phone, it's available on iPhone and Android, super easy and like almost too easy in the sense that I've seen some people go live on Periscope before they've really thought it through in terms of everything from their sound to their battery to what they were going to say to even realizing that they were live. Like I've had one person I saw. She went live and she was trying to fix her hair and the lighting and she didn't realize she was already broadcasting. So, I mean, there's just a few little things that you do want to think about before going ahead. I mean, one of my clients the other day, she said to me, I should've looked at your -- because I've got this list of six mistakes. I'm going to go through them today but I've also got it as a .pdf. She said I think I've done every mistake because she hadn’t found out about Periscope. She just kind of went gang busters into doing it without a real plan so sometimes you can learn from other people's mistakes as well.

Jordan:                        So, I have a question for the both of you actually. So, Periscope, the allure for me as a business owner to use Periscope is that it's hot, it's trending, people are looking at it for new content. Is that pretty much it? Am I hitting the nail on the head?

Natalie:                       Yeah. For a business owner there's two major things. I mean, number one you can learn really cool stuff. It's so handy. I mean, every time -- it's almost obsessive but every time I open my phone it shows you who's live and who just finished three minutes ago and who finished three hours ago. Of course you can change the settings so it doesn't alert you to every -- notifications. You can change your notifications so it doesn't alert you to every single person that you follow. You can pick and choose. But so there's so much knowledge to be gained. It's so quick and easy to tap into and then from the other perspective it's such an easy way to give your knowledge, to share your expertise, to showcase your skills and get a little bit -- level of credibility and also one of the other things that's huge is it gives people a window into who you are like the person behind the logo and the fancy photos. Do you know what I mean? It's just so much more real and raw than a lot of other kind of video that you see out there.

Nile:                            I'm just thinking about turning on a little bit really so they can see me putting on my makeup.

Natalie:                       Yeah, go for it. Do it.

Nile:                            One of the things that I like to do -- we're just about up against the time limit on this segment but in our next segment what I'd like to do before we get into all the details of Skype and maybe -- Skype. I keep saying that. Periscope. Is that we talk about maybe some examples of exactly what you could do with it for some different types of businesses. How about that?

Natalie:                       Sounds great.

Nile:                            Okay, we'll be back right after this. Go ahead and key in your time there. Hey, thanks for joining us again on social media business hour. This is Nile and Jordan and of course we've got our special guest expert Natalie Cutler-Welsh and in our last segment we sort of introduced Periscope or if I said it wrong enough times Skype but it was really Periscope.

Jordan:                        Either or.

Nile:                            It's my dyslexia. I don't know if I ever told you Jordan. My mother was a member of mothers against dyslexia. That's DAM. Just saying. It happens with terms too but we were talking about some businesses and how you might use Periscope. One of the things that I'm thinking about and Natalie I'm going to put you on the spot first but I'll be happy to jump in there with you is I love restaurants and I love great restaurants. And I'm thinking if I wanted to promote my restaurant, I'm the chef, I'm going to go back and I'm going to prepare a dish and I'm going to tell you how I'm preparing it. Sort of like a cooking show. Except it's live. I think that could pull some people. What do you think?

Natalie:                       I think that's awesome. I mean, master chef is -- it's huge over here in New Zealand. I'm sure it's huge over there. People love food first of all as we can tell because Instagram is so popular, food. But yeah. I think that's great. Like I said before, giving people a window into the person behind the business or behind the scenes. That's a classic example of a behind the scenes type Periscope that people can do and whatever your business is -- like I could do one here in my podcast studio. Somebody else might do a behind the scenes where they're -- I've got a client. She makes maternity clothes at a beautiful Marino wall and she could do one there in her little workshop so behind the scenes are perfect.

Nile:                            Okay, now I'm going to put you on the spot. What's your best example?

Natalie:                       I've got heaps of examples for all sorts of different types of businesses.

Nile:                            Just pick one.

Natalie:                       For myself, like one of the ones that I did the other day that people loved was biz tips in the park. So, I was out with my four year old at the park and I decided to just do a Periscope then and there. There's a few tips with that of course. You want to make sure that you've got enough internet connection, that it's not going to drop your call and make sure you've got -- there's sun and there's wind and things like that to contend with but people really loved it because it was just really casual, it wasn’t scripted, I didn't have notes or anything like that and I just offered basically free advice on the spot about social media and people -- as you may or may not know people on Periscope -- it's kind of one way but it's kind of two way. So, everyone can see my face. I can double tap the screen to show them the park which is what I did now and then but also the comments are constantly coming up. They're quite quick but people can comment and engage with you so you can't hear their voice but you can read their comments and they can ask questions and people really like that. They were actually more interested in my pink coat I was wearing and how come I sounded Canadian when I was in New Zealand than the actual business tips which is interesting but it was really great. It's just like spontaneous. Again, it shows them a little bit about who I am. I'm not all done up with stacks of makeup or anything like that. I'm just me in the park with my kid. Yeah. And they really liked that.

Nile:                            Well, I think there's some great tips there because so many people I know that are using social media for their business and obviously Periscope’s another form of social media, they get really caught up in sharing good, solid information all the time and one of the things that I like to remind people about is they like to talk to the person behind it all as well and in what you just said you're trying to share your tips and they're asking you questions about your accent or lack thereof. Your pink sweatshirt, hoodie type thing that you've got on. And none of that's about your business tip but they're engaging with you. They're getting to know you better.

Natalie:                       Oh, exactly. I mean, I did another one and this was more of a -- one in my actual studio but again it's kind of real. I had a bit of a plan, what I was going to say and I was doing three tips for juggling the mother load of running your business while raising a family and it's so interesting with Periscope because one of my mistakes that I talk about is either not engaging with the comments or engaging with the comments too much and when you do a Periscope where you're literally trying to give knowledge -- first of all, I would never try to do 10 tips. It's just too much for a Periscope. So, I did three and I actually managed to get through my three but people are constantly commenting so you might be going okay. So, one of my tips is to make sure you've got boundaries and buffers. So, you've got geographic area where you do work so that you don't have your laptop on the kitchen. Oh, hey. Hi from Brazil. Oh, hey. How are you? And you kind of get interrupted because people are commenting and they're going hi from Brazil, hi from Switzerland, whatever. And you kind of feel like -- and you know the comments are disappearing. You want to acknowledge those people but you also want to make sure that you eventually get your three tips across throughout the whole Periscope so it definitely takes some getting used to.

Nile:                            And that's a good tip as well. So, and we haven’t even gotten to your tips yet.

Natalie:                       I know, I know.

Nile:                            But that's okay. I'm saving room for that. Jordan, I wanted to ask you, we banter things around all the time. What would you do with Periscope from what you know about it in a business that either Natalie or I haven’t talked about?

Jordan:                        Oh, geez. Well, there seems to be like this trend with all new technology and that is -- it all starts out just kind of a blanket consumer kind of technology and then it starts to niche itself out. So, I go consumer based, right. So, one of the things that you and I have talked about is having a lift your spirits podcast about liquors and great foods and things like that. I would go --

Nile:                            And inspirational stories.

Jordan:                        And inspirational stories.

Nile:                            Just seeding it there for when it launches early next year.

Jordan:                        Yeah, good pitch, good pitch, yeah. So, I would look very closely at a consumer market just to play because it doesn't -- I mean, there is no failing if you're just playing, right. So, I wouldn’t put -- me personally, I wouldn't put my business at the forefront of Periscope not knowing how to do it but I sure would play.

Nile:                            I'm thinking of the morning shower tips with Nile. I'm just saying.

Jordan:                        There you go. Bringing that sex appeal right back to the show. I appreciate it Nile.

Nile:                            No, listen. It would have to be like from the neck up because there is no sex appeal on me from anything else. Oh, too great. So, how about if maybe we get three of your tips in in this segment and then we carry people over to the next segment for the next three tips. How's that?

Natalie:                       Sounds good.

Nile:                            Okay. Well, let's go with tip number six.

Natalie:                       Okay. Tip number six is actually worrying too much about the number of viewers. Okay. So, when you go live on Periscope the number is in the right hand corner of your phone, right. So, first of all you've got to hold your phone vertically not horizontally. Okay. So, in the bottom right corner you'll see the numbers going one, two, three, four, five etcetera and I'd say once people start coming in usually that's when people are like hey, everybody. Welcome to the scope. How are you doing? Well. I'd love it if you could comment. Let me know where you're watching from. That's the kind of terminology that people use. Now, my main things is, my message here is don't focus too much on the numbers meaning if you only have five or if you have 50 and then like after two minutes it's dropped down to 27 because people come and go. You have to realize they're walking their kids to school, they're going into the grocery store. Sometimes they lose connection. So, don't worry too much about the numbers because remember you are going to get the replay. So, afterwards, after you finish your Periscope and people call them scopes so after you finish your scope it's available for 24 hours via Twitter so Twitter will automatically tweet out a link. You can go and click that link and then you can repost that link all over social media. If for some reason you -- but you also want to save it to your camera basically as well. You also want to save it -- sorry. To your phone as well so that you've got it. You can upload it to YouTube and then use the replay everywhere else. That's a whole another topic. But the main thing is don't be too worried about that number of viewers. Give them value. If you only have three people watching, give them value, be there for them, be yourself, don't get disheartened because you've always got the replay as well.

Jordan:                        She called that one tip but man she just loaded that with gold nuggets, didn't she?

Nile:                            Yeah, there were three tips in there at least.

Jordan:                        At least.

Nile:                            At least.

Natalie:                       I'm an over giver. I know.

Jordan:                        Yeah, that was solid.

Nile:                            Well, you're the go to girl so there you go. So, tip number five.

Natalie:                       Oh, tip number five. I'm working backwards here. Tip number five is having no call to action. Okay. So, when you go on Periscope you don't want to be super salesy and get them to -- like try to make a pitch straight away. At the same time it's a missed opportunity if you have no call to action and the call to action doesn't have to be buy my online DIY course. The call to action can simple be hey, I'd love it if you could follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already or I've got a great .pdf with six tips for Periscope. If you simply visit my Facebook page it's pinned to the top or giving them some sort of place to go. So, you've got to realize when you're doing a Periscope you're not able physically to type in a URL or anything like that. What some people do is they'll hold out a piece of paper so they would've prewritten their website name on a piece of paper. They'll hold it up to the screen or they might say oh, I'd love it if someone can just comment with the link to my website because you can't -- as the person hosting it you can't physically type anything in. so, yeah. Tip number five is having no call to action at all.

Nile:                            Again, there was about three tips in there at least Jordan.

Natalie:                       I was trying to keep that one short.

Jordan:                        Yeah, talk about under promising and over delivering. This is good stuff. This is good stuff.

Nile:                            It's one of the things that I absolutely loved about meeting with Natalie. She was so fun the whole time and she's just full of tips so --

Jordan:                        I'm pretty sure nobody's ever heard that and said Natalie?

Nile:                            Natalie? No, no.

Jordan:                        Who? Really? Not fun?

Natalie:                       I used to work for a company called energy mad and everyone's like that is such a perfect business for you to work for. I'm like yeah.

Nile:                            That really is, that really is. Okay, so we're at tip number four as we count down to number one.

Natalie:                       Okay, I see where we're going with this. Okay, so I kind of mentioned this before a little bit. Tip number four is not engaging with the comments or engaging with the comments too much. So, I mentioned it's really, really easy to get distracted on a Periscope. When I did my first one my hand was really shaking. Like I've been podcasting for about three years so I'm happy talking. I also am more than happy to record a video. But it's not a podcast, it's not a webinar, it's not a video. It's just different and knowing that you're live it just has this different element and of course knowing that people can see you so it's not just your voice, it's just so different than what I'm used to so I guess that's why when I encourage people to try Periscope and in fact I used it as one of my challenges to my mastermind group. I made sure that they watched. I gave them some homework first. Download the app. Watch three to five Periscopes before you even consider doing one yourself. Just so you get the gist of what it's about. But so this tip is about not engaging with the comments or engaging too much. It's so easy to get distracted because people are commenting or on some scopes, they're not commenting and you're starting to worry about like oh, my god. No one's engaging. So, people can also give you hearts. If they tap the screen they get all these hearts and that just basically is a way that they can give you encouragement to keep going and show you that they're loving your Periscope. So, getting distracted and over engaging in comments is a problem but also if you just ignore them all together then that’s not good either. I'll just give you an example. So, I ran a workshop two weeks ago. It was called how to get media coverage for your business. It was a really hot workshop. We did an online one, we did two in person. Workshops. I actually Periscoped a little bit of the online one while my cohost was doing her bit but the tricky thing was I couldn’t talk because I was just like filming it. I'm holding the camera. I remember I'm holding -- not the camera. The phone vertically and I'm just letting the people listen to what she's saying but I can't talk because I don't want to interrupt. Then I had to like walk out of the studio and go outside and then double tap the screen so it showed my face. Hey everybody. I hope you're enjoying this. I'm just giving you a little bit of a sneak peek, bla, bla, bla. And it worked really well but it was interesting because I didn't preempt it, I didn't start with my face and then take them into the studio. I just started straight into the studio. I think it was a little bit confusing for some of the people following but they really enjoyed it anyway.

Nile:                            Well, we are going to talk about an engagement strategy that we are going to talk with our audience about specifically about Periscope but that will be in the next segment. We'll be right back. And we're off and running. Segment number three of the social media business hour with Natalie Cutler-Welsh and we're talking about Periscope.

Jordan:                        Or, if you're in the know.

Nile:                            Skype?

Jordan:                        Scope. Scope, Skype.

Nile:                            We're talking about scoping. Too funny. So, we've talked about engagement strategies.

Jordan:                        Yes, we have. As a matter of fact she has given us some really great insights as to how we might want to handle our first scope as it were.

Nile:                            Well, one of the things that I'm thinking about Jordan is I am thinking about a contest that we might have with our listeners.

Jordan:                        Oh, yeah. Do tell.

Nile:                            Well, we have an iPod shuffle.

Jordan:                        Oh, that's right. Is it a Nano or is it a shuffle? I can't remember. It's in the drawer right there and still in its package.

Nile:                            We got it in the studio here, yeah. Brand new. It is an iPad shuffle.

Jordan:                        iPod.

Nile:                            iPod. There goes that dyslexia thing again. It is an iPod shuffle two gigabit.

Jordan:                        Okay, not bad.

Nile:                            Which is great for listening to podcasts, listening to audible books because audible is our friend. We like when people listen to audio books but if we get -- well, we won’t get. We'll get a number of them but we're going to select the best scope that our listeners send to us and as they do that we'll select the best scope and that will be the winner of the iPod shuffle.

Jordan:                        That's great, that's great. So, how are they going to get us the scope?

Nile:                            They are going to send us the link along with a brief description on the social media business hour page on Facebook.

Jordan:                        Okay. So, they log into Facebook and they find us on the social media business hour page with Nile Nickel and they just drop their scope link there.

Nile:                            That sounds great to me and somebody's going to win this thing.

Jordan:                        Yeah, that's great. So, the best scope wins the iPod shuffle. Hey, don't we need a deadline of some kind or some kind of timeline?

Nile:                            We do. What do you think of December 14th? That way they can have it before Christmas.

Jordan:                        Hey, that works for me. I like that.

Nile:                            I think it's a great idea. What do you think of that idea Nicole? Nicole. Natalie.

Natalie:                       I think it's awesome and I love the prize. Yay.

Nile:                            Well, you know why I say Nicole? I know why.

Jordan:                        It's too late.

Nile:                            Well, it is late but I say Nicole because I always wanted to name my daughter Nicole.

Natalie:                       Oh, that's beautiful.

Nile:                            Well, my wife didn't think so though. You've met my wife Rosemary. Because then it would've been Nicole Nickle. She said no, no, no.

Natalie:                       Oh, yeah. I can see why. I love Rosemary. She's awesome.

Nile:                            I love Rosemary too but -- well, thank you. Hey, we've got to get back to our tips though because we've got to make sure that you've got time to tell everybody all the wonderful things that you've got to offer. So, let's go to tip number three.

Natalie:                       Okay. I wasn’t sure if you were going to mix it up and throw me into tip number two or one. Okay. Tip number three is to come across as too polished and salesy. So, remember before I said Periscope is real and raw and that's kind of why people love it because -- so, I've seen Periscopes where people are literally sitting on the couch, they're having a glass of wine if it's the evening usually or during the day they might be having a coffee or a juice or whatever it is so it's just really real. It's not like studio lighting and makeup and perfect sound. It's just really genuine so I guess one of the mistakes that people can make is to try to be that perfect poster looking type person and behave that way. Like this is not the website. We don't want to see the website person. We just want to see the person behind the business. In saying that we don't want to see all of your like dirty laundry and all that. There's a certain fine line of course so one of the tips is to just be yourself. I actually saw one of my friends do a Periscope the other day and he was -- he kind of had this video go viral on YouTube a while ago. I don't actually know what he's selling but he wasn’t -- he was playing the guitar and everyone who commented, he would sing into the lyric of his song. Like he was just basically doing this spontaneous mashup of singing out the comments that people were making and it was so much fun and it was really funny and so it was all these people from around the world just making random comments and he was singing them. It had nothing to do with trying to sell his product but it definitely made us like him more. It made us get to know him more and I just think not everyone's going to do that. Not everyone's going to bust out the guitar but I just thought that was a really cool way to do a Periscope and that is just like the true essence of what Periscope can be.

Nile:                            I think that is absolutely a great idea. Well, let's get down to number two and we need a drum roll for number one so we'll have to figure out how to do that.

Natalie:                       Okay, okay. Well, number two is to have an enticing topic so it's really important -- remember I said that Twitter will tweet out the topic of your broadcast so it's really important to have something that sounds enticing and engaging and ideally targeted to your idea people so what I'll do is and this is a tip I got from Kim Garst from Boom Social. What I'll do is any time I have an idea -- you know how you have these ideas like randomly when you can't write them down or you're not going to remember them. If you just click in your phone, go into your notes and type in, key in the title of your Periscope -- I've got a whole bunch of them sitting in my phone, waiting. And I also include the emojis. Like I do that then and there in my notes so that when it comes time for me to do my Periscope I'm not going wait a minute. What was that awesome idea that I had? I'll literally just go touch it, copy, paste and I'll paste it and that way it has the emojis so I usually use like a high heel and a love heart or a computer or something like that because again it makes it stand out in the news feed so when people are on Twitter or open up their phone it's going to stand out a bit more if it's got some emojis. Also if Periscope drops the call and that sometimes happens that suddenly the connection will be lost and you'll have to start again. I've never had to do it but I've seen people actually do like take two, take three. It means you're not sitting there typing in the topic again and again. You're literally just copying and pasting it. And that way you're more likely to get your followers back again. So having an enticing, interesting topic but also being prepared and having that written down in your notes in case you need to repost it can be really, really helpful. The other little tip I'll just add into this one is to make sure you -- when you first start your Periscope it's going to capture the screen of whatever's in front of your phone. So, straight away it won’t go to your face. It will straight away film whatever your phone is pointing at. So, I've seen people doing Periscopes and when it's saved, the replay is saved it literally is their laundry pile. Like they didn't realize that it was going to be that image so what you can do if you're super keen is to go into canva first and use the poster shape. Again, this is a Kim Garst tip and make -- create an image that basically says the title of your scope so that when it's saved as your replay you can -- that image is the first thing that people will see so I hope you get that. That's kind of if you want to be really professional you can do that. Otherwise, once I just held up the copy of the cover of my book. So, I've written a parenting book and that's when I was doing the juggling the mother load Periscope or you can hold it up to a beautiful beach if you're at the beach. So, just be really aware of what's going to come on first and the impression that it's going to make.

Nile:                            Tip number two had like six tips in it. So, her six tips really translates to 30.

Jordan:                        Yeah, I think so.

Nile:                            This is not a podcast. This is an info product.

Jordan:                        We should've been selling tickets.

Nile:                            Really. I'm just like wow. You know you're doing that to us?

Natalie:                       It's probably because I did a live workshop the other week on how to grow your business with Periscope and so I'm just trying to cram some of the goodness into that and do this.

Nile:                            You're doing great. And Kim Garst is a local girl _____05:46 so she's from around the corner. Yeah, so now -- drumroll. I'm going to try the drumroll Jordan. You're ready?

Jordan:                        All right.

Nile:                            That was good, wasn’t it? Tip number one.

Natalie:                       Tip number one is -- well, I've kind of already mentioned a little bit of it but it's really -- it's kind of just do it but I don't -- I really -- just do it but be prepared. So, if you're sitting there going oh, my gosh. Periscope has so much potential for my business. I can really see how I can showcase my expertise. I can give great knowledge. But just hold fire before you click the start broadcast button because remember I talked about the person that started it and she was fixing -- you know what she was actually doing? She was going no, no, no. no, no. move the light. Move the light over there. Oh, hang on, hang on. And she's bossing around whoever -- we couldn’t see the other person. We could only see her but she was bossing this person around telling them to fix the lighting but she didn't realize she was live so my tip here is like go for it but be prepared first so in terms of your backdrop like whatever's going to be behind you, in terms of your lighting and stuff like that or your sound if you're outside maybe get ear buds that have a microphone and make sure you're not pointing straight into the wind or that type of thing. So, yeah. Just -- and if you're going to do the type of content driven scope where you're actually doing three tips for X, Y, Z or whatever make sure you actually write them down because like I said it's so easy to go off topic. You want to make sure that you come back and sometimes half way through your scope you can do a little summary because people will be coming on and off the whole time. So, yeah. Definitely go for it if you're thinking it's a good thing to do but do a bit of research first, watch some scopes. Think really hard about what your headline is, your title and then when you're ready go for it and have fun with it.

Nile:                            Well, I'm glad you mentioned making sure where the camera is beforehand and all of that because if I do my morning shower tips that could be --

Natalie:                       That could be dangerous.

Nile:                            That could be dangerous. That's right. We don't want R rated for the kids or anything like that. It's just PG, PG. So, listen, you've got a lot of great stuff and we've just flown through stuff but I know people will absolutely positively want to get more information from you. Maybe even take advantage of some of the things you do so tell us a little bit about what you do, how people could get in touch with you and I know you've even got a special offer for us.

Natalie:                       Yeah, that's right. So, as you mentioned in interim all about connecting and coaching women entrepreneurs and I love making social media networking easy, fun and fabulous so what people love about me, I'm very action orientated. I'll give them specific stuff. I'll hold them accountable and I make kind of confusing stuff easy so I help people with for example lead pages or setting up their auto responders. Just basically making sure everything's in place so that you can have the light shone upon you, on your business so you can do what you came here to do, right. Everyone started their business because they love doing something and then so often they get caught up doing all the itsy, bitsy bits of business they don't love doing and I kind of help to take some of that pain away. So, I've got an online mastermind group and people can check that out. It's gotogirlsocialmedia.com/mm which stands for mastermind group. I also have an online seven secrets course so there's some people that are like yeah, yeah. The mastermind group sounds great but I just want to sit down and work through videos at my own pace and so I've got that option as well. And I do -- yeah, I do one on one coaching for a small group of clients and I'm just about to launch my high level mastermind group which is really focused on women entrepreneurs who want to make a real difference. They've got a burning desire to make a real difference in the world and they're ready to step up and I'm going to help them with that which is pretty exciting.

Nile:                            Man, you have just exploded social media marketing world so maybe that nap in LAX really did some good thing for you.

Natalie:                       I think so.

Nile:                            Yeah. That sounds awesome. Well, I also know you have a special offer. Do you want to tell them or do you want us to just have it on the show notes? I think you can tell them personally.

Natalie:                       Yeah. I'll tell them. I think this is what I said it was going to be. So, as I mentioned I've got this mastermind group which is an amazing network of focused and fabulous women entrepreneurs. Twice a month I come in with an online group so it's kind of -- it's live. It's a group coaching session. One of them is a Q and A and the other one I bring in a guest expert and we do topics. Everything ranging from copywriting to Instagram to Facebook ads etcetera, etcetera. And that's 47 dollars a month which is an awesome price point for me. I think it's like the same amount that I pay for my phone every month without even batting an eyelid so I'm happy to offer that to your people for a one dollar trial if they want to come and check it out and hang around with other amazing entrepreneurs and get a taste of life with the go to girl.

Nile:                            I mean, that's like a freebie. That's just enough to say hey, I'm interested and I'm serious so I think that's an outstanding offer and I can't thank you enough for it. So, our listeners get a whole lot today Jordan.

Jordan:                        Yes, they do.

Nile:                            They not only get to save 46 dollars in a month for Natalie's mastermind group which I think everybody will want to do but they also have the opportunity if they just send us that scope to win the iPod shuffle.

Jordan:                        That's right. That's right. Today is a special day.

Nile:                            Today is a special day. Hey, in the States, just after Thanksgiving so we're continuing that Thanksgiving spirit. Natalie thanks so much for joining us. It was awesome and I mean the time just flew by.

Natalie:                       Hey, my pleasure. And hey, if there's -- I'm sure there are men out there listening as well who -- it is a women's only, my mastermind group but the guys can go and grab the free .pdf which has the six mistakes. If I spoke too quickly they can check out the breakdown of those six mistakes and that's basically just pinned to the top at my go to girl social media networking Facebook page. Probably the easiest place to find it.

Nile:                            That is absolutely awesome and again I want to thank our listeners for joining us on the social media business hour. Hopefully you learned a few new ideas or concepts. In today's case probably 30 or so. Maybe you were just reminded of a few things you already know but you haven’t been doing to improve or grow your business. My desire is that you take just one of the things you learned or were reminded of today and you apply it to your life or your business this week. I know that a small change can make a big difference and I'm committed to bringing you at least one new idea each week that you could implement. So, go back and listen. Listen one more time. Download it and store it on your phone or your iPod, whatever you listen on and identify just one small change that you could make to your business this week and see what a big difference it will make for you. So, until next week this is Nile Nickel. Now, go make it happen.







Natalie loves making social media networking easy, fun and fabulous.  She understand that many people start their business because they have a passion for something. However, sometimes, situations don’t always pan out the way we want them to.
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