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Social Media Business Hour – Show 50 featuring Steven Essa


Steven Essa is known internationally as the “Make Money with Webinars Expert.”

He was raised in the western-suburbs of Sydney, Australia by hard working immigrant parents.

Steven now excites audiences in Australia, the UK, USA, UAE, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cyprus, Singapore and New Zealand. Steven has trained thousands of people to leverage the power of “webinars;” their efficiency, convenience and flexibility, to generate thousands of dollars an hour in product sales. Steven’s methods give all business owners something that is much needed in today’s New Economy: the flexibility to create additional streams of income in their business.

Different News Different Views

STORY 1: If you think Vegas is racy, then you haven’t heard about this Adults only.

STORY 2: Man who wore colander on his head for gun license photo says it is part of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s religion.

STORY 3: Drunk Driver Falls Out of Own Vehicle – Runs Over Self

STORY 4: 19-Year-Old Rutgers Student Accidentally Elected to Middlesex County Republican Committee

STORY 5: Police: Drunk mom drove with 6 kids on top of her car






Social Media Business Hour – Show 49 featuring Mara Glazer


Mara Glazer is a marketing and social media strategist, public speaker, and like many of her fans, followers, and friends, highly successful entrepreneur.

Known as the CUT THE CRAP COACH and GET MORE BUZZ STRATEGIST, Mara most excels at helping business owners all over the globe build incredible (+profitable) buzzworthy businesses fast!
Mara started in her industry working alongside her father, Bill Glazer, at the company he founded, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC). During her 2-years at GKIC, she had access to the top training and Offline & Online Marketing Experts in the world. These 2-years were equivalent to a PHD in marketing and the latest social media strategies. While at Glazer-Kennedy, she generated an additional 7-figures in less than 278 days using social and alternative media alone.

Since then, she has been featured in hundreds of marketing training videos, traveled the country speaking about marketing and money making, has launched her virtual assistant and social media management agency called Best Damn Biz Team, and her CUT THE CRAP business coaching company, which can be found at

What Mara loves most is showing small business owners how to build businesses that allow them to create and transform into the life they have always dreamed of but maybe never thought was possible for them through her CUT THE CRAP approach to business and success.

In other words, to be blunt, Mara shows entrepreneurs how to CUT THE CRAP and only focus on what works to bring in the money so they can stop wasting their time on BS Business Strategies, and instead spend that time doing what they love.

Because of the demand from top business owners and entrepreneurs to hire Mara as a marketing and social media strategist, Mara works with a only handful of business owners each year to help them grow their business using social media and online marketing THE RIGHT WAY.

Tune in an hold on for this entertaining and information packed episode

So three Links for Mara;


2.  BizCon 2014

3. Best Damn Biz Team

And in our  Different News Different Views Segment

1.  A.  Culture Cash: Amazing Dollar Bill Art

     B.   20 Creative Works of Money Art You Should Never Cash In

2.  9 Amazing Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

3.  Oops! Tim Cook tweets photo of Mac production line running Windows 

4.  Father Strikes Teacher With A Bat After Seeing Texts To His Daughter

5.  Crowdfunded Male Sex Toy Machine Is Now Available


Social Media Business Hour – Show 48 featuring Nick Rosener


Nick is the owner of Tech Nick Creative, a web marketing company in Minneapolis, MN. At night, he dreams about social media, web design, blog strategy, and other ways to help small and medium companies grow using the web. Nick is a speaker and instructor on social media strategy, teaching a course on the topic at Century College, Argosy University, and North Hennepin Community College.

Nick is the coauthor of  the book

Shout In The Right Direction: Target Your Audience and Amplify Your Voice on the Web.”

Nick RosenerThe book presents a “More Focus, Less Noise way of thinking about your marketing.”

So have you ever wondered why do some businesses fizzle on social media, while others consistently pick up thousands of followers? The companies that are most successful online have learned to Shout in the Right Direction.

Today, it’s no longer enough to hope that you are reaching the right people on the web, you have to know. The National Institute for Social Media calls Shout in the Right Direction “a must read for entrepreneurs and small business owners,” mentioning that it provides an “easily understandable rationale for approaching the marketing planning process.”

Written for small business owners, managers, and digital marketers, this book gives readers:

  • A simple and easy-to-follow approach for making a marketing plan that delivers results.
  • Innovative strategies for leveraging social networks to generate business.
  • Creative ways to develop messages that resonate with audiences.

Eric and Nick have distilled years of research, consulting, and practical experience in digital marketing strategy into this practical and thought-provoking guide to small business marketing.  I strongly recommend picking up a copy of Nick’s book for some great new insights into Social Media Marketing
Here’s the Link:


And in our nearly famous Different News Different Views  Segment

1.  Kitten Nearly Dies On Vegan Diet, Gets Healed With Meat

2.  China’s Plans to Bulldoze Mountains Could Cause Environmental Problems

3.  First grader suspended and facing expulsion after finding toy gun in backpack and even turning himself in

4.  Man Buys Penis Enlarger Online and Receives Something He Never Expected

5.  Part of Paris bridge collapses under weight of ‘love locks’ left by tourists

Social Media Business Hour – Show 47 featuring Joleene Moody


Who is Joleene Moody?

Joleene Moody is a nationally known speaker and client-closing expert for
entrepreneurs, specializing in speaker training and coaching. She guides
these amazing individuals to a place where they can incorporate their
purpose-driven message to write kick-a$$ presentations and find or create
speaking gigs that generate cash and hi-paying clients.
Joleene studies what’s working NOW to help entrepreneurs make more
money, build confidence and grow a lucrative and sustainable business.
With her on-fire, no-nonsense comedic approach, Joleene energetically guides her clients through self-esteem,
growth and money issues that may keep them from becoming the remarkable leaders they are meant to be!

Different News Different Views


 1.   Man arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer 

while wearing a pig mask

2.   Hawaii man gets probation for making son walk 1 mile home from school

3.   Maryland man sentenced to 5 years for lengthy dine-and-dash binge

4.   Man accused of stealing $350K worth of skin

5.   Virgin Elizabeth Raine backs out of virginity auction after bidding hits $801,000



Social Media Business Hour – Show 45 featuring Rick Barker


Rick Barker is a husband, father of two and has been blessed to have been able to make a career out of something he has loved for as long as he can remember “Music.”

Rick is a Personal Manager, Marketing Consultant and Public Speaker living in Nashville Tennessee.

He’s the former manager of Superstar Taylor Swift and recently launched his online Membership Program The Music Industry Blueprint and is now helping people all over the world Navigate The Music Business. He has taken a traditional offline business and has taken it online!

After a 15 year career in radio, he moved over to the Record Company side in 2004.

Today Rick manages The Music Industry Blueprint where he evaluates what you have, and teaches artist how to take what they have and grow it into a business. Rick’s experience helps them navigates the hard, uncaring music business. He believes it’s hard enough that you shouldn’t have to make it any harder.

Rick wants to provide the strategies it takes to help make the road a bit smoother. Rick recognizes he got to where he is today with hard work and but also specific strategies learned from great mentors. He is dedicated to pass along that knowledge and specific strategies to the next group of people who want to have a career in one of the most rewarding and fascinating businesses in The World, The Music Business.

We are excited to welcome Rick to the Social Media Business Hour!

For Additional Information check out Rick’s website at: MusicIndustryBlueprint

Here’s the current edition of Different News Different Views

1. “Pirated movies shown to prisoners in Lorain County prison”

2. Women call for Pope Francis to end priests’ celibacy vow.

3. Quinnipiac Student Calls in Graduation Bomb Threat to Hide Drop-Out From Family

4. This is how Georgia celebrated IDAHO: Mistakenly believing one of them to be gay, two homophobes attack each other

5. Man tried to have sex with ATM, picnic table


Social Media Business Hour – Show 44 featuring Melanie Benson Strick


Do you or have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed with everything it takes to be successful?

Our guest today has felt the same way, but she has learned how to conquer overwhelm and replace it with a proven system for instant clarity, power and freedom.

So would you like to hear what she learned that helped her climb that mountain?

In our power-packed show today, Melanie Benson Strick, America’s Leading Authority on Optimum Performance, will help you:

  1. Know the ONE question you have to ask to be among the top 3% (hint: it will save you time, money and your sanity!)
  2. Leverage a powerful technique to breeze through problems, roadblocks and delays
  3. Prioritize your actions to double (even triple) your revenue in the next 90 days.
  4. Create a step-by-step process to move from ideas to income — guaranteed!
  5. Learn a simple strategy every millionaire knows to power up your motivation and banish procrastination — forever.

Melanie Benson Strick is known as America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer because she knows first-hand how to take an idea and turn into a thriving six figure plus business with her secret weapon — LEVERAGE. With over 12 years in corporate project management, Melanie works exclusively with thought leaders and big thinking entrepreneurs who want proven strategies to monetize their big ideas and catapult their success without giving up their life.

Melanie’s clients, who are typically coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, service professionals and information marketers, typically add at least 6 figures to their bottom line while creating more time for living their dream.

Melanie is on faculty with StomperNet as their delegation expert, is co-author of’s Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business and has her success tips featured in magazines such as Woman’s Day and the LA Times. Melanie is a proud lifestyle enthusiast and spends her free time in search of the best spas and beaches in the world.

If you have a friend of business associate struggling with being burned-out and overwhelmed, message them, give them a call, but have them listen to today’s show. But just in case they miss today’s show subscribe to our iTunes channel. When you do you will be notified of all new shows as they become available.

Some Resources from Melanie Benson Strick

Get Out of Overwhelm CD Set

5 Videos

18 Tips to Reenergize

The MARS Training Program. It’s chock full of strategies, resources and tools to implement proven strategies to retain more clients and get more referral business – even in a recession.

Different News Different Views

1.  The FCC is feeling a bit overwhelmed these days!

2.  So how many of those friends do you actually know . . . in Real Life?

Mikel McLaughlin – We’re Friends, Right?



Social Media Business Hour – Show 43 featuring Special Guest Erik Luhrs

smbh_erikluhrs           copydoodlesaccessclub_magic_help_get_leads_becky

Erik Luhrs is known as “The Bruce Lee of Sales and Lead Generation.” He is the creator of The GURUS Selling System and the author of the book BE DO SALE.  Erik is the only expert in the world on Front-Loaded Lead Generation, Persona-Positioning and Lead Generation Message Linguistics! Erik is also a Master Practitioner of NLP, and certified in The Silva Method and Accelerated Learning. And he has been featured by Selling Power, Entrepreneur, Fox Business News, Sales Gravy, Chief Executive and BNET.

For Eriks books:


Ultimate Qualified Leads –Special Offer–

 Different News – Different Views

 1.  Parents call cops on teen for giving away banned book; it backfires predictably

2.  Uni left red faced as anti-cheating signs reveal answers to maths exam

3. A plane has been in space for 500 days, and no one knows why 

 4.  Bogus tool for hacking your Friends’ Facebook account hacks you instead 


Social Media Business Hour – Show 42 with Special Guest Cynthia Sanchez


Our guest expert for this show is Cynthia Sanchez, and she’s a Pinterest addict. 

When she first started using Pinterest in 2011, she noticed that she  using the Pinterest word over and over again to my friends and family. She was discovering many new things online. She found websites and blogs that inspired her to do things, make things and even buy things. She was so amazed by what she was discovering that she decided to start a blog about it.

Her blog “Oh So Pinteresting” was launched in February 2012 and after a few months she was approached by a company and asked if I would help them with Pinterest and manage their social media accounts. In September 2012, a short 6 months after she started blogging she left her job as a full-time radiation oncology nurse to focus on building Oh So Pinteresting and her new business.

As in the medical world, social media is ever evolving and changing and requires continuous study. Since launching the blog, she has continued her education taking multiple courses and attended several conferences focused on social media.

In growing and marketing her own business, she has had to learn multiple social media platforms and how to create content for them. She writes the content for her blog, produces her own podcast, record videos and create graphics.

As a nurse, she found if she did her best to empathize with each patient to help them heal. It is proven that if nurses relate to their patients, the nursing process goes much more smoothly and the patient has an overall better experience.

She followed that approach in her business and encourages her clients to take the same approach in their social media marketing.

She is excited and really enjoys teaching and helping people find solutions. This may come from her years of being a registered nurse or from being the mother of 2 sets of twins. It’s probably a bit of both.   

For fun, aside from exploring Pinterest, she enjoys traveling with her family, crafting, and learning photography.

Keep you note pad handy as Cynthia will provide many great ideas to help you grow your business!

For additional Information please contact Cynthia on her website at:

Interested In Books on Pinterest, checkout these resources;

 And for all of our regular listeners . . . here are the links for the

Different News – Different Views Segment.

1.   Kindergarten show cancelled so kids can study to be ‘college ready’

2.  Socialite Attends Her Own Wake With a Cigarette In One Hand and a Champagne Flute In The Other

 3. The Larger Your Penis, The More Likely Your Wife Will Cheat Says New Study

4.  10 Strangest Sex Laws in the USA


Social Media Business Hour – Show 41 with Special Guest Dan Janal

SMBH Show 41 - Dan Janal

Dan Janal is one of the Founding Fathers of Internet Marketing and Publicity.

He wrote one of the first books on Internet Marketing back in 1994. He taught the first Internet Marketing class at Berkeley and also taught Internet Branding at Stanford. He now focuses on helping clients build their brands so they can sell more products and services.

For more info please go to

USA Today called Dan Janal “a true cyberspace pioneer.”

Through his coaching and consulting services, his clients have been featured in nearly every major newspaper and magazine including the New York Times, Forbes, Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal.

He is the author of eight books, including “Reporters Are Looking for You.”

Dan lives on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes with his wife and two cats

Different News – Different Views

 1.  Utah Is Ending Homelessness By Giving People Homes

 2.  CNN Asks if the KKK Can ‘Rebrand,’ Seriously

3.  Bad Ads? Funeral Services Struggle with Sense of Humor

4.  White House on deport Bieber petition: No comment

 Social Media Business Hour – Show 40 with Greg Reid

SMHB #40 - Greg Reid

Bestselling Author. Acclaimed Speaker. Filmmaker – Greg S. Reid is a natural entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts.

As an action-taking phenomenon, strategy turns into results fast and furious, and relationships are deep and rich in the space he orbits.

Published in over 45 books, 28 best sellers, five motion pictures, and featured in countless magazines, Greg will share that the most valuable lessons we learn, are also the easiest ones to apply.

Recently, Greg has been hand selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to help carry on the teaching found in the bible of personal achievement – Think and Grow Rich.

Don’t forget to check us out on iTunes to download prior shows, and please leave us a review and a rating! It helps pay the bills!

Different News – Different Views

1.  Italian Romeo jailed for being “too good at sex”

2.  Norwegian fisherman finds orange dildo in cod’s stomach

3.  Ice cream flavor mixes Viagra and champagne

4. How Lending a Friend Your Car, Then Going to Bed Can Land You a Life in Prison.

Social Media Business Hour – Show 39 with Rosemary Nickel and Jessica Rhodes


Should you be using a podCast to better communicate with you customers? How do you start, what do you do, where can you go? Here’s a chance to talk with the experts tonight in a bit of a round table discussion that should be fun and allow you to gain new insight and perspective into this new opportunity.

Rosemary Nickel is the host of Motivating Other Moms radio, where mom biz coach and chief motivator Rosemary Nickel interviews today’s most inspiring and successful mompenuers.  These amazing moms will be serving up solid business tips, while pulling back the curtain, and sharing vulnerable moments, lessons they’ve learned along the way, and leaving you saying “I CAN DO IT!”

She started her podcast last year and it is exploding. She went from small name to big name in a very short time in a highly competitive market. Rosemary attributes her meteoric and new stardom to podcasting.

Jessica Rhodes is the founder of Interview Connections. Jessica recognized the biggest problem many podcasters have. See found that if you wanted to host your own podcast you had to tap into your own rolodex for guests. And, after you exhausted your own resources after your first few shows, you’re left to hope for referrals and/or do hours of research to find potential guests and then reach out to see if they’d be interested in being on your show. Then all of a sudden the your dream of hosting a hit podcast turned into a giant ‘time suck’ and distraction of research and bookings!

Then when your podcast becomes a big hit, and guest are clamoring to get on your podcast  you simply don’t want to deal with all the booking details.  Jessica solves both problems by becoming you one stop booking and scheduling agent in a simple done-for-you service.

Tune in to get the inside on podcasting today.

Different News – Different Views

1.  Hollywood Nightclub Alpacalypse Now Llama Drama-Rama Spits Out Health Violation

2.  Corpse mistaken for April Fools’ prank in St. Pete

3. American medical student wants to auction off virginity for $400G — on April Fool’s Day

4. You’ve heard of people shooting their mouth off, well this man shoot off more than just his mouth. Man accidentally shoots own penis, dies

5. You’ve heard that the pen is mightier than the sword well it this case the pencil is mightier than the gun . . . or at least close to it.  NJ Student Suspended, Given Psych Eval for ‘Twirling Pencil’ Like a Gun

Social Media Business Hour – Show 37 with Rick Cooper


Our guest Rick Cooper. Rick is an Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer. He is the author of Seize your Opportunities, Marketing Magic, and Extreme Excellence. Rick is Founder of Social Media Outcomes and Director of the Technology Services Division of Eric Lofholm International, Inc. Rick works with small business owners who want to generate more leads and earn more sales online. He helps them increase their visibility online. Rick was featured in Comstocks magazine and has been interviewed by The National Networker, the East Bay Times Business Journal and

Different News Different Views

1.  Steven Seagal Applauds Putin Over Crimea, Eyes Russian Citizenship

2.  Student Claims Professor Taught Wrong Class For Entire Semester

3.  Oculus founder didn’t expect “so many death threats” after Facebook deal

4.  White House looks to regulate cow flatulence as part of climate agenda

5.  Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard

6. Bags of Mountain Air Offered in Smog-Addled Chinese City

Social Media Business Hour – Show 36 with Mike Capuzzi the Master of “Copy Cosmetics”


Mike Capuzzi is a speaker, author, consultant, information-marketer and coach for business owners and sharp, aggressive entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level in their business.  Throughout his 20 years in marketing and 16 years as a consultant, he has helped entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers all around the world improve their marketing with his unique take on direct-response marketing and copywriting.

Mike is internationally recognized as a master of “copywriting cosmetics” which is the study and application of time-tested copywriting design strategies for boosting response and readability.   His techniques and strategies have been used around the world by thousands of offline and online marketers alike!

Mike has written numerous articles on marketing for a wide range of publications and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.  In 2008, he published two books, “Dream, Inc.”, which features 32 stories from successful Philadelphia-area entrepreneurs and The Ultimate Success Secret co-authored with marketing expert, Dan S. Kennedy and he’s currently working on his fourth book, “High Impact Marketing.”  He is also the editor and publisher of the High Impact Marketing newsletter.

Mike is the inventor of the wildly successful software product, CopyDoodles®. CopyDoodles are hand-drawn graphic files that enable anybody to literally drag and drop attention-grabbing enhancements to their offline and online marketing materials.  In 2010, he launched a one-of-a-kind web site, the CopyDoodles Access Club, for business owners and marketers looking to higher response marketing.  CopyDoodles are used by more than 5,000 customers in more than 30 countries around the world!

When he’s not speaking on High Impact Marketing strategies, Mike consults with a small group of Capuzzi Private Client Members.   You can learn more about this group at

This shows Different News, Different Views Segment

1.  Man Googles himself, finds he’s among ‘Most Wanted,’ and promptly surrenders.

2. Upstate NY girl, 5, spends day at wrong school

3. Couple Have ‘Sex’ On Google Street View In Australia

4. Crime Stoppers Chief Eats the Evidence

5. Man gets 2 DWIs in 1 night at the same McDonald’s

Social Media Business Hour – March 10, 2014 – Show 35. We have a Leading Social Media and Online Marketing Expert Mr. Don Crowther.

SMBH #35 - Don Crowther

Don Crowther is a leading social media marketing and online marketing expert. He helps companies ranging from Fortune-500-level giants to entrepreneurs make more money online using proven social media and search marketing techniques.

Different News – Different Views

1. Fish strike interrupts jet’s takeoff at MacDill Airforce Base

2.  Right Wing ‘Journalist’ Angry that ’12 Years a Slave’ Doesn’t Depict Happy Slaves

3. Woman bites driver’s finger off at New Jersey mall after she steals her parking spot

4.  George Zimmerman signs autographs at Orlando gun show

Social Media Business Hour – March 3, 2014 – Show 34. We have a real Social Media Power Expert, my personal friend and guest Mr. Adam Hommey!



Adam is the Founder, Help My Website Sell™ a company is dedicated to helping companies, organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures Emancipate The POWER Of INFORMATION through mastering:

–  Effective, easy-to-implement website conversion strategies and techniques that work;

–  Simplified internet marketing technologies that support the business’ website and sales conversion and customer experience goals;

–  Spending less time editing and maintaining their websites, and more time promoting and monetizing them.

Having worked with numerous companies and ventures of different sizes, markets, and niches, Adam offers a unique blend of website conversions know-how combined with a mix of live coaching and consulting.

Different News – Different Views

1.  Doughnut Shop in Massachusetts Won’t Sell Doughnuts

2.  Alleged Sexting Between Teacher And Minor is Free Speech

3.  Mississippi Man Declared Dead Wakes Up in Body Bag at Morgue

On Social Media Business Hour – Monday, February 24, 2014 at 7PM on


Can you really, systematically and consistently get the results you want from others while making them feel genuinely good about themselves, about the process, and about you?

Our guest says, “Absolutely!”

Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at corporate conventions and for entrepreneurial events. He regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 — sharing the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

Although for years he was best known for his book Endless Referrals, over the past few years it’s his business parable, The Go-Giver (coauthored with John David Mann) that has captured the heart and imagination of his readers.

It shot to #6 on The Wall Street Journal’s Business Best Sellers list just three weeks after its release and reached #9 on BusinessWeek’s. Since its release it has consistently stayed in the top 25 on 800ceoread’s Business Book Best Seller List. Its been translated into 21 languages. It is his fourth book to sell over 250,000 copies.

He believes his new book, Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion is by far his most important work yet.

Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic in Jupiter, Florida.

For a free and immediately download of Chapter One from Adversaries into Allies and many other valuable resources. Check out Bob’s Website at

Different News, Different Views” Segment includes:

1.  China’s Naval Chief Says Smog is Best Defense Against US Laser Weapons

2.  Farmer sets up cameras to bust upstate New Yorkers making porn with his cows

3.  Missouri spelling bee runs out of words, end in a tie

4.  Alcoholics Learn To Make Their Own Beer In Canadian Program

5.  Rapid City man says female Hardee’s boss made sex a condition of employment

Our Our Show on Monday, February 17th, 2014 at 7PM on

SMBH - Charlie McDermott

Charlie is a speaker, author, and founder of the Business & Entrepreneur Network, Charlie McDermott helps small business owners clear the path to building valuable, scalable and… saleable businesses via automation and the creation of direct response marketing assets.

Charlie started his first business as a college student at West Chester University located in Pennsylvania, and grew it into an 8-figure health club empire. Twenty-two years later he sold that business to focus his marketing expertise on Hollywood where he used over twenty different forms of media to breakthrough the clutter and land his son acting roles in feature films and television shows including, The Office, Private Practice, Medium, and a full-time gig as Axl Heck on the hit ABC comedy, “The Middle”.

Today, Charlie works with hundreds of entrepreneurs every month online from as far away as Australia and via live events held in the Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE areas.

Our Different News with a Different View Stories

1.  A Google search turned up public files that Olivier Laurelli is accused of publishing.

2.  Burglars Stumble Upon Man’s Child Porn Stash, Turn Him In

3.  SWAT Team Heroically Ends 6 Hour Standoff with Empty Apartment

4.  National clown shortage may be approaching, trade organizations fear


Our Show on Monday, February 10th, 2014 at 7PM on

SMBH - Michael ONeal

Michael is the Host of The Solopreneur Hour Podcast. He is an in-demand speaker at conferences and organizations nationwide. His current mission is to support and educate Solopreneurs, including those in Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Real Estate, Athletics and more. As a bonus, he’d like to change the face of the network marketing industry by teaching associates the correct way to build relationships with social media.

Links of Articles In Our

Different News with a Different View



2.   Study: Less war improves mental health of soldiers

3.  Study Confirms that Men Stare at Women’s Breasts

On Our Show, Monday, February 3, 2014, we

have the privilege and honor to host Mr. Dave



Dave discovered he was an entrepreneur at the ripe age of 6 years old before he knew what the word meant. He and his very first business partner/sister started his first business together, it was a lemonade stand.

Their customers ranged from thirsty farmers to total strangers. It was also there that Dave learned about adding value to existing clients, so he and his Sister started baking cookies to go along with the lemonade.

While in the 7th grade he and his cousin started “Best Team Auction Co” where during recess they would auction off any items their classmates would bring to sell and in August of 2012, he fulfilled a lifelong DREAM of his! He became a licensed auctioneer. He later went on and tried his skills at raising pigs and cows it was through this experience he discovered he was not a farmer.

Today he owns four businesses all of which are debt free and profitable, he is a pilot, diver and an inventor, and has been the guest speaker of several organization and has been featured on air as well as local print media.

Dave owns Empowering Small Business and has helped small businesses owners across the country by Empowering their Dreams of truly owning their business instead of being OWNED by the business.

Dave has been coached and continues to learn from some of the worlds best small business coaches, Howard Partridge, Mark Ehrlich,   “Inner Circle Member” and belongs to Team Phenomenal , and is a huge fan of Zig Ziglar

He guarantees that your business will change if you implement just some of the great information and tips you will receive if you attend our events, or your money back!

Dave is married to his lovely wife Toni and they both personally invite you to Empoweing Small Business events and workshops. We look forward to meeting you!

For more information or to contact Dave his website is:

and for the FREE CDs  he offered during the show goto


The links for the stories in our

Different News with a Different View Segment:

1. Wal-Mart Too Expensive for Food-Stamp Recipients

2. Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Inspires Racist Twitter Backlash

3.  Millionaire asked ex-wife to stay on as housekeeper

      after moving new lover into their home


On our January 27, 2014, show our guest was Mr. Gary George: 

SMBH - Gary George 01-27-2014

 Gary George is the founder and CEO of Blazin Multimedia, a creative and marketing solutions company specializing in Web & Mobile Development, Online Marketing, SEO, PPC, Local Search, Video, Mobile and Social Media Marketing. Since launching the agency in 1998, he has been integral in acquiring and serving its high profile clients, including Vonage, Virgin Records, The United Nations, Panasonic, Roc-A-Fella Records (Jay-Z), Teddy Pendergrass, Michael Baisden, The Urban League, National Association of Real Estate Brokers and many more.

Gary is an internet technology and marketing expert, thought leader and consultant to a variety of global business leaders, entertainers, celebrities and athletes. He develops technical and marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies as well as progressive startups that are challenged in reaching their niche markets.

As a consultant, Gary has generated more than $48 million dollars for his clients within the past 5 years, by identifying and reversing limiting patterns in their marketing strategy. He’s successfully applied his business success techniques to a variety of industries, teaching clients how to duplicate their efforts via technology and marketing automation. The results speaks for itself and he continues to be the go to guy when organizations are tired of thinking small and ready for explosive growth.


Different News with a Different View (Links)

Man in jail for marijuana is allowed to leave once a month to smoke marijuana

Pope’s peace doves attacked by crow and seagull

Gay Marriage Scares Oklahoma Rep So Much He Proposes Banning All Marriages


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Executives at corporations and smaller companies are realizing the need for a social media strategy and marketing plan. Great content marketing will attract potentially high value customers, and these customers will come back for more.

The great thing about a well carried out a Social Media Marketing Strategy is that it requires very little financial investment from your side.
Developing a social media marketing strategy should not be a “try this at home” project or dumped on the IT department.
Posting occasionally on your Twitter account or writing blogs for the sake doing so, doesn’t make a social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Posting occasionally on your Twitter account or writing blogs for the sake doing so, doesn’t make a social media marketing strategy.

Today, many companies are using social media tactically by posting updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter. Many are under the assumption that having a social media strategy is equivalent to setting up a Facebook and Twitter account and sharing a few random posts with followers this is a HUGE waste of time.

What is happening, are companies rushing into creating Facebook pages and Twitter accounts without much creative thought or marketing strategy.

What business owners and professionals should understand is, social media is a powerful vehicle for the holy grail of marketing: Word of Mouth…and if done correctly, it will empower citizen brand ambassadors with content to share with their personal contacts.

Many brands these days use social media to promote themselves and to reach out to their target audience.

You absolutely must find your audience, listen to what they’re saying, and then form a strategy around your findings for that audience. Also social media marketing is all about targeting your customers with content that speaks directly to them in their language.

Businesses can certainly use social to media to push their products and services, but it should really, be used for conversation.  Those conversations will create opportunities for your business, that you wouldn’t have had if you were just trying to sell.

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