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Social Media Business Hour Show #73 With Stacey Harris

The Stacey Harris is a powerhouse online entrepreneur helping her clients reach rock star status with communities full of raving fans who follow them anywhere. She has a passion for building and being active in communities and teaching folks to use networking to build relationships that grow businesses. Her passion for rock stars goes back…

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Social Media Business Hour Show #72 With Karen Yankovich

  Social Media Brand Strategist, Business Consultant , and Speaker, Karen Yankovich is the CEO of Dimar e Group, LLC. Having “been there and done that” i n the arena of losing (and then re-finding) a focu sed approach to business and life, Karen now offer s coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs. Her u nique…

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Social Media Business Hour #71 With Jason Silverman

Jason M. Silverman, Martial Arts Master Instructor, Information Marketer, Marketing Expert & Coach, Sought-After Speaker, CEO of Powerful Words Character Development and Co-Founder of Dance Sites Done Right / All Star Cheer Sites, is known for his no-b.s. yet supportive approach to helping entrepreneurs and their businesses to thrive. His “Out of the Box, Powerful”…

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SMBH #70 with Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of Power Up For Profits. She helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice. As an early adopter of online marketing, Kathleen is considered to be one of…

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Social Media Business Hour #69 With Debra Simpson

  When Debra was a kid, her Dad programmed the first mainframe computer for The Salvation Army’s Western Territorial Division. In 1985 he gave Debra her first computer, a TRS-80 from Radio Shack with an 8-pin, dot matrix printer. In 1989 Debra was on Prodigy chatting with a friend who moved to Kentucky, on dial-up.…

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