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Social Media Business Hour Show #67 With Carolyn Herfurth

Carolyn Herfurth, founder of The Biztruth and creator of Art of the Ask Academy, is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and business mentor. She has advised thousands of people to make thoughtful decisions about business ownership and helped launch nearly 100 businesses.  Fed up with the plethora of super talented entrepreneurs who struggle with…

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Social Media Business Hour Show #66 With Rebecca Livermore

  Rebecca’s website is dedicated to teaching small business owners how to use content to market their businesses. We do this by providing tutorials and info on best practices for different aspects of blogging and other types of content creation. Knowing that the blogging journey is a marathon, not a sprint and can be…

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Social Media Business Hour Show #65 With Tena Pettis

Hailing from the land of Paul Bunyan, wooded trees and lakes for miles, Tena’s big personality + aptly given nickname ‘Tena-talks-a-lot’ sent her searching for more. After spending some time in the big city with a “big girl job” Tena quickly realized that the cubicle life wasn’t for her. With a little nudge from her…

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